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Hi, I'm Harley!

IT Technician of 9 years turned engineer. Primary skills in Linux, Python, and PowerShell. Secondary skills in Gaming, Music, and doom-scrolling on social media.

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Work History

Paving the Path


Full Time Student

After graduating from high school, I attended community college while working part-time to support my studies. I gained IT experience at my family’s company and worked at a local car wash, progressing from detailer to sales and training for an assistant manager position. Just as I was preparing for the assistant manager role, I accepted an opportunity to work as a technician in the corporate sector.


Full Time Technician

Throughout my career, I've worked in both the corporate and education sectors, most notably as a Campus Support Technician for a school district. I managed multiple campuses, overseeing inventory, technology equipment, projects, and semi-annual maintenance. While preparing to become a lead technician, a new opportunity arose, leading me to a different career path.


Desktop Engineer

An international company selected me to join their team as an engineer, focusing on enhancing the end-user experience. My role has expanded to include scripting, automation, Apple Device Management, programming, project management, and server administration. Most of my time is dedicated to projects and improving end-user experiences.


IT Operations Engineer

Hand-picked for a career-advancing role, I made the exciting move from Dallas to New York City to join a prominent private sector company. While I can't share specific details, my work encompasses collaboration, scripting, enhancing the end-user experience, networking, security, and more. This opportunity has allowed me to bring my expertise to a dynamic new environment and make a significant impact.